Quick Facts

  • Each Ambulance is New York State Certified by the DOH
  • All are equipped with power stretchers
  • Ambulances generally cost in excess of $140,000 which does not include the equipment stocked on the trucks
  • The lifespan of a HF ambulance is about 8 years
  • The trucks are rotated weekly between First Due, Second Due, and Third Due to calls to reduce wear and tear
  • Every crew is required to complete a Rig Check in the beginning of their shift to ensure every vehicle has all required equipment and is working as necessary to respond and treat patients

Agency Ambulances

Ambulances are the agency’s primary response vehicles, and the sole means by which we transport patients to local emergency departments. Each of our ambulances is fully staffed at the Advanced Life Support level. Additionally, each ambulance is equipped with powered stretchers for patient comfort and crew safety and the latest in safety features for safety in response and on-scene operations. The maintenance and safety of our vehicles are ensured by our Vehicle Maintenance Officer, who is overseen by our Operations Director.

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7621 is a 2020 Chevy Demers Type 3 Ambulance. 7621 was put in service in September of 2020. Being that the vehicle was put into service during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, 7621 was dedicated to all of the lives lost throughout the pandemic.


7622 is a 2012 Chevy 4500 Duramax RoadRescue Type 3. 7622 was put in service January 2013 and is dedicated in honor of the late Major John Pryor, MD, a Harpur’s Ferry Alumnus who died in the line of duty in Mossul, Iraq on December 25, 2008.


7623 is a 2016 Chevy 4500 Duramax RoadRescue. 7623 was placed into service in March of 2016. 7623 was dedicated to Scott Schneider, a member of Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad who tragically passed away due to a snowmobiling accident.