Sporting Events

For high impact or other high risk sports events, HF can staff an ambulance, gator, and/or first response unit for on-site medical attention.

High Volume Events

Events with high volume crowds may be required to have on-site medical resources by New York State. Not sure if yours qualifies? We can help you find the answer and address your staffing needs

Educational Events

Whether its for students young or old, HF can tailor a presentation on EMS for your group complete with vehicle tours and equipment demos.

Having an Event? We're in!

Harpur’s Ferry crews are available to attend events for educational presentations and to standby for public gatherings/events in which staff feel there would be a benefit to on-site medical personnel. Education and public relations are integral parts of our service to the community, and we’re more than happy to join your organization for your next event!

    What's your event?
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