Join the Harpur’s Ferry Family


If you’re looking for an opportunity to contribute to the Binghamton University community and challenge yourself intellectually and emotionally, Harpur’s Ferry may be the home for you. We are not, however, your typical club. The nature of volunteerism is sacrifice, and to be truly successful as a provider you will have to offer up a lot. Through your sacrifice, however, comes a great deal of reward. Harpur’s Ferry will teach you true empathy, critical thinking, and confidence in addition to introducing you to a lifelong group of friends.

Due to the nature of our squad, we can only take 10-15 new members each semester. On average, 250+ students apply for an opportunity with our agency. While this may be daunting, Harpur’s Ferry organizes its membership process in a manner that identifies those best fit for the challenge via a three round selection process. Any questions regarding the membership precess can be directed towards the personnel coordinator,

Harpur’s Ferry is a demanding yet fulfilling opportunity, and we pride ourselves on being a committed, diverse, and growing squad. Harpur’s Ferry does not solicit information on or make selections based off of any individual’s race, religion, creed, orientation, or place of origin. We require all members to obtain a NYS EMT certification (which HF sponsors), and as such all new members must meet the following minimum standards, most of which are adapted from NYS DOH BEMS Policy Statement 00-01:

  • Possess a valid, unrestricted driver’s license
  • Knowledge and Skills required show need for high school or equivalent education
  • Ability to communicate effectively via telephone and radio equipment
  • Ability to lift, carry and balance up to 125 pounds (250 pounds with assistance)
  • Ability to interpret oral, written and diagnostic form instructions
  • Ability to use good judgement and remain calm in high stress situations
  • Ability to be unaffected by loud noises and flashing lights
  • Ability to function efficiently without interruption throughout an entire work shift
  • Ability to read English language, manuals and road maps
  • Ability to accurately discern street signs and addresses
  • Ability to interview patients, patient family members and bystanders
  • Ability to converse, in English, with coworkers and hospital staff with regards to the status of the patient
  • Possesses good manual dexterity with ability to perform all tasks related to the highest quality patient care
  • Ability to bend, stoop and crawl on uneven terrain
  • Ability to work in low light situations and confined spaces
  • Ability to work with other providers to make appropriate care decisions



Does this sound like you? Recruiting process resumes Fall 2018! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for all of our latest updates!


Does this sound like you? Our Fall GIM is Tuesday, August 28th at 9:00PM in the Mandela Room, we are accepting applications until the start of the GIM!

Interview Process

Individual Interview

Every qualified applicant to Harpur’s Ferry will be given an individual interview with a team of Harpur’s Ferry credentialed providers. Applicants will have the opportunity to discuss the specifics of membership in the agency and introduce themselves to our membership Committee. The membership committee convenes after all interviews are complete and offers select invitations to the next round.

Group Interview

Invited applicants will attend a group interview for the second round of the application process. Interviewers will offer a series of questions and tasks to each group and evaluate individuals in a group setting. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate how individuals integrate into a team, adapt to uncomfortable circumstances, and overcome challenges outside of their comfort zone. The membership committee again convenes after the second round and offers invites select individuals to the final round.

EMT Practical Skills / Non-EMT Group Interview

Applicants who hold licensure/certification as an EMT will be separated from those who do not have experience in EMS. EMTs will undergo practical skills evaluation. Non-EMTs will undergo another round of group interviews. At this point, the membership committee will convene and make final selections for the semester’s new membership.