Quick Facts

  • Coordinators must meet specific prequisites to enter office
  • Coordinators must have no less than 2 semesters in membership before election
  • The PRC is a non-voting secretary of the BOD
  • The Staff meets weekly to coordinate their efforts and review agency status

Harpur's Ferry Staff

The Agency Staff is divided into two factions: Administrative Staff, overseen by the Deputy Director, and Operational Staff, overseen by the Operations Director. Each staff coordinator is elected for a one year term and oversees functions directly related to his/her title. The staff as a body oversees agency operations and facilitates changes of the Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Operating Guidelines, and agency activities. The Member at Large sits on the Agency Staff but does not have a voting seat.


Training Coordinator

The Training Coordinator oversees all credentialing activities of BLS providers and Drivers. As the chairperson of the Driver Committee and the Quality Management committee, the Training Coordinator ensures that all providers are appropriately equipped to respond to calls and similarly maintains and improves the training curricula at Harpur’s Ferry. The Training Coordinator can be reached by email at training@harpursferry.org

Elizabeth Brown

Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator ensures vehicle readiness and ensures that the agency has the necessary resources to provide medical care. He or she additionally oversees vehicle maintenance, maintains agency equipment stock, and oversees the rig checks performed on all vehicles. The Equipment Coordinator can be reached by email at equipment@harpursferry.org

Jorge Zuniga

Information, Technology, and Communications Coordinator

The ITCC is responsible for the various technology needs of Harpur’s Ferry, especially radio equipment and radio communications tasks. The ITCC is responsible for maintaining all FCC licensure of the squad and facilitating the county identification tag distribution for members. The Communications Coordinator can be reached by email at communications@harpursferry.org

Isaac Wecht

Public Relations Coordinator

The Public Relations Coordinator manages the public outreach aspects of Harpur’s Ferry with Binghamton University and the surrounding community. The PRC is responsible for Harpur’s Ferry social gatherings and tabling events and educational events hosted by Harpur’s Ferry. The PRC works to connect with Harpur’s Ferry alumni for both networking opportunities and creating alumni events. The public relations coordinator can be reached by email at prc@harpursferry.org

Sarah Castor

Personnel Coordinator

The Personnel Coordinator manages the intake of new Harpur’s Ferry members and the maintenance of personnel records as mandated by New York State. He or she also coordinates the duty schedule of providers and ordering/distribution of uniforms. The Personnel Coordinator can be reached by email at personnel@harpursferry.org

Jaclyn Wecht

Financial Coordinator

The Financial Coordinator manages the financial assets of Harpur’s Ferry and oversees the various budgets and expenses. The Financial Coordinator conducts audits of agency spending and facilitates reimbursements to the squad. The Financial Coordinator can be reached by email at financial@harpursferry.org

Henry Ash