Harpur's Ferry Leadership

Three distinct bodies ensure the ongoing success of the agency

Chiefs' Office

Three elected chiefs are responsible for the daily operations and administration of Harpur’s Ferry. To assist in operational management, the chiefs may appoint up to 2 captains and 2 lieutenants.

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Agency Staff

The staff is a group of 8 elected student members who oversee specific duties contributing to the operation of the squad. Two staff is divided into operational and administrative officers.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of advisers that is chaired and co-chaired by the Chief and Deputy Chief. Members of the Binghamton University Community of particular expertise are annually voted onto the BOD.

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Our Operations

Harpur’s Ferry is staffed by students certified as EMTs, AEMT-CCs, and Paramedics. We respond to calls for service of all acuity and variety, year round. Here’s some quick facts about our operations


Crews staff our ambulances during the semesters. Off duty responders supplement our responses year round

No Cost for Service

Harpur’s Ferry is funded by the Student Association, no patients pay for our services.

Nationally Acclaimed

Harpur’s Ferry is the only agency to be recognized twice as the National Collegiate EMS Foundation Agency of the Year

On and Off Campus

No matter your location in Broome County, HF can respond to your aid.

Absolute Privacy

Your wellness is our priority. HF only releases patient information under court order or patient request

HeartSafe Accredited

HF is a proud participate in NCEMSF’s HeartSafe program and promote CPR education and response for a safer BU


Annual Emergency Calls


Volunteer EMTs and Medics


ALS Equipped Ambulances and Flycars


Passionate Team

Our Fleet

Harpur’s Ferry operates a variety of vehicles to respond to all of the needs of the Binghamton University Campus. Here’s a look at our fleet.


HF utilizes Type 3 Box ambulances: 7621 and 7622. Our ambulances are the sole means of patient transport to local facilities. We anticipate delivery of the new 7623 Spring 2017!

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We use two flycars, or quick response vehicles, to supplement our responding crews and staff special events. We anticipate delivery of a new 7653 Spring 2017!

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Special Ops and POVs

Our specially outfitted gator and operations trailer are used for special events and the nature preserve. Responder POVs are utilized for off duty responses.

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EMTs and Medics don’t train until they get it right.

                                                                 They train until they can’t get it wrong.

In Field Training

Providers and Drivers work under the supervision of preceptors, or senior crew members, to develop their skills in real patient care scenarios before they are allowed to practice independently.

Scenario Training

Harpur’s Ferry members are exposed to a wide variety of scenario training to develop critical thinking and to prepare them for real patients both before being allowed in the field and to maintain skills during their career at HF.

Continuing Education

Providers spend their first semester in HF in the AFAEC class, and members continue their education through continuing education programs to maintain their knowledge and skills.

We Train For You

When 911 is activated, every second counts. Harpur’s Ferry trains with that in mind. The EMTs and Medics arriving to your aid are well equipped to handle your needs thanks to our diverse and rigorous training programs.

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