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Injuries and illnesses are unplanned by nature, and we understand the uncertainty and discomfort. Below are some frequently asked questions with brief answers. Should you have more concerns, please see our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Harpur’s Ferry in service?

  • Harpur’s Ferry operates 24/7, year round.

How do I call the ambulance? What happens if I call 911?

  • Dial 911 and request Harpur’s Ferry, or dial 607-777-3333. If you dial 911 from a non-campus phone, you will be connected with Broome County 911. Simply request Harpur’s Ferry, and they will dispatch us to your location.

Do I have to be on campus to call for the ambulance?

  • No! Harpur’s Ferry responds to off campus calls for students, faculty, and staff if requested. Utilizing 911 requires a request for Harpur’s Ferry, otherwise they will send the ambulance for your jurisdiction.

Where will the ambulance take me if I’m injured or sick?

  • Harpur’s Ferry typically transports to one of the three local hospitals: Wilson Medical Center (Designated Trauma Center), Lourdes Hospital, and Binghamton General Hospital. We can also transport to Health Services on campus if specifically requested and appropriate.

I feel sick, I don’t want to call the ambulance and health services is closed, where should I go? 

  • Harpur’s Ferry is a fully staffed advanced life support 911 ambulance. We are prepared to handle all serious and life-threatening injuries. We are more than happy to transport any patient who requests an ambulance. If you do not think you need an ambulance, there are a variety of nearby walk-in clinics in the immediate vicinity of campus.

Will I get billed if the ambulance transports me? Where does funding come from?

  • No! Harpur’s Ferry does not bill our patients, whether they are students, faculty, staff, or visitors to the University. Part of our funding comes from generous donations and grants, which allows us to stay in business! Our supplies and services are heavily subsidized by the students of Binghamton University, and the University itself, at the beginning of each year.

Does Harpur’s Ferry provide the same quality care as other ambulance squads?

  • YES. Harpur’s Ferry is a fully functional Advanced Life Support agency staffed by New York State Certified EMT-Basics, EMT-Critical Care Technicians, and EMT-Paramedics. We are trained and are held to the same standards as all other New York State providers. Our agency maintains in-service training activities to keep member skills sharp.

I know some members of Harpur’s Ferry. I’m afraid that if I call the ambulance they will come and I’ll be embarrassed. What should I do?

  • The membership of Harpur’s Ferry is fully committed to providing confidential patient care. If you or someone else requires an ambulance, we will provide professional and compassionate care. Please do not hesitate to call.

What does it mean that Harpur’s Ferry provides “advanced life support?”

  • Advanced life support interventions include IV therapy, advanced airways, administration of narcotics and more advanced medications. Harpur’s Ferry is constantly looking for ways to provide better care to it’s patients, this is just one way we have improved our ability to accomplish this goal.

Where do you transport the patients to?

  • Harpur’s Ferry can only transport patients to emergency rooms, not walk in clinics. The hospitals in the area that we use are UHS-Binghamton General, UHS-Wilson Memorial, and Lourdes. All of which are about a five minute drive from campus.

I called Harpur’s Ferry, but I got a bill?

  • Harpur’s Ferry Ambulance does not bill under any circumstance: there is not even a mechanism in place by which we can seek payment. You will never receive a bill for Harpur’s Ferry services. If you received a bill, this is because you were transported or treated by another ambulance service. If Harpur’s Ferry units are not available due to high volume or other limited resource circumstances, the next closest ambulance will be dispatched to your location to treat you. In these instances, you will be subject to the responding ambulance company’s billing. Harpur’s Ferry covers in excess of 98% of all calls for service; however, there are episodes of high volume that is supplemented by other agencies.