Quick Facts

  • The UTV is stocked with BLS equipment
  • Special training and credentialing are required to operate the UTV and trailer
  • POVs operate under strict regulations. Courtesy lights do not excuse responders from yielding to traffic signals
  • EASVs are privately owned vehicles that are certified to respond with red lights and sirens and are regularly inspected for compliance
  • EASVs are afforded all of the traffic authority of any police/fire/ems emergency vehicle

UTV, Special Ops and POVs

Harpur’s Ferry utilizes a 2022 Polaris RANGER with a Medlite Back and Stokes Basket for all-terrain patient extrication. The Special Operations trailer is utilized to mobilize MCI equipment and used as a mobile command post for prolonged incidents and special events. The Flat-Bed Trailer is used to mobilize the UTV to areas outside of Binghamton University, as needed.

As Harpur’s Ferry is 100% volunteer and many calls are covered by off-duty personnel, Personally Owned Vehicles (POVs) are often a part of our responses. Members responding off duty with their vehicles may operate a green courtesy light to hasten their response to the scene or station. Some of our medics have their vehicles certified by New York State as Emergency Ambulance Service Vehicles (EASVs). These vehicles operate with red lights and sirens and are equipped with medical equipment as dictated by NYS. These vehicles hold the same authority as any other police/fire/emergency vehicle when responding in emergency mode


7661 is a Polaris RANGER 1000 EPS equipped with a Medlite modification and Stokes Basket. This vehicle can extricate patients while they are under the care of an EMT or Medic in order to safely and quickly move them to an ambulance for transport. 7661 is equipped with BLS equipment, lights, sirens, and mobile radio. The UTV can carry 3 personnel in the front cab, as well as a provider and patient in the Medlite back if necessary.

Special Ops Trailer

The Special Operations Trailer deploys with one of our flycars for prolonged incidents, mass casualty incidents, and special events.


EMTs can operate green courtesy lights in their vehicles for off duty response. AEMT-CCs and Paramedics can operate red lights and sirens if their vehicles are certified by NYS DOH as EASVs.


The Flat-bed Trailer is called 76Trailer. 76Trailer is utilized to tow our UTV to bring to a repair shop or to locations outside of Binghamton University as it is needed. 76Trailer was brought into service in Summer 2021.