Harpur’s Ferry Student Volunteer Ambulance Service (HFSVAS), established in 1973, is a student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit with advanced life support capabilities. It is our duty and honor to provide free emergency medical services to the Binghamton University campus and the greater Binghamton community, 24/7/365. The members of HFSVAS are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism on and off duty in addition to prioritizing their commitment to the Agency, secondary to their academics and overall wellbeing. We take great pride in our education and will adapt to the needs of an ever-expanding university through providing cutting edge training and technological advances in an effort to improve safety for the Binghamton University community.  We strive to continually improve ourselves for the betterment of those we serve, and we aim to set the standard of patient care excellence in collegiate emergency medical services. We vow to advocate for our patients and to treat them with respect, dignity, and humility. Skillful training, ethics, and morality are our cornerstone and we pledge to not grow complacent in our desire to advance the agency or our mission.