Harpur's Ferry ALS Program

The Harpur’s Ferry ALS Program oversees education, training, QA/QI, continuing education, and controlled substance program for the AEMT, Critical Care, and Paramedic levels of care. This page will maintain current resources relevant for Harpur’s Ferry Advanced Life Support equipment, credentialing, and continuing education.


Specialty Equipment

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EZ IO Driver

Best Practices

  • All IV medications can be administered via IO per NYS Protocol
  • Conscious patients should receive local anesthetic as per manufacturer recommendations
  • Humeral head insertion is the preferred access.

Physio LifePak 15

Manufacturer Manuals

Best Practices

  • Electronically transferred vital trends and tracings are the preferred means of documenting patient care via ImageTrend PCRs
  • Time permitting, in the event of an ECG transmission to WRMC include patient name in transmission
  • Do not use alcohol preps to clean skin for ECG electrodes. A towel/gauze pad is recommended
  • Do not attach electrodes to leads after monitor use. Keep them sealed in the package until at patient side.
  • Limb leads should not be placed on the torso for accurate ECG tracings

King LTD Supraglottic Airway

Manufacturer Manuals

Best Practices

  • To optimize results on first insertion, place the King deep (until connector aligns with teeth), inflate, and gently withdraw until maximum ventilation compliance is achieved
  • ETOC2 monitoring is required, and a tracing should be included in your chart upon establishing a King LTD
  • Protocol indicates that only 3 total intubation attempts may be made (2 by 1 AEMT, 1 by a second), after which a supraglottic airway is indicated
  • Contraindications: pharyngeal hemorrhage, tracheostomy, laryngectomy, ingestion of caustic substance, known obstruction of trachea/larynx.

Resources for New Medics

The tabs below included suggested reading for medic students and new medics seeking credentialing. Many of the following resources will be relevant to your credentialing testing.